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Admins 5.4
Players 9.7
Replayability 9.1
Website 10 Super custom

Admins - Quite a few on but did not see any action so unable to score high. Players - Well behaved little buggers and the player base is big so lots of fun. Replayability - They have modded this very well indeed and a lot to unlock as jobs. Website - Very well designed and presented. Did not find one dead link.

What can I say? Well, Quite a bite to be honest with all of you.

My overall satisfaction with this server was and still is very well modded. Now it might take you 9 million years to join BUT it is well worth the wait, when I was on the server i found 14 admins and 4 super admins all roleplaying and blending is not surprising as the players themselves where well behaved not once in 5 hours of total playtime on the server did I get RDMed (Random Death Match) and I lost all my money by gambling it away on those horrible dreadful machines and yes you can game your players non existent life away also they have a cinema that I found useful as I set up my own cinema and charged people $1 to view whatever I decided to put on.

Below are some screenshots and as you can see the map is custom to aswell so good job on making it all blend nicely and not overwhelm you with buy this and buy that.


Be sure to go visit them as they have more than one server on Garry’s Mod. Also, don’t forget to leave your own opinion in the comments (Good or bad).

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